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  1. If it is to circles or an individual it is more like email. Twitter is just a (very) short form blog post. A public post on Google+ can act in much the same way as a blog post or tweet. The primary difference being in how long the post becomes. Posting a picture with a brief description is also very similar to using Flickr. The point being that, yes, Google+ is a wonder of versatility.

  2. I see what you are going for, but a public post isn’t automatically a blog post. I think it would have to be something worthy of being published in a blog to do so. And can people subscribe to this in their feeds? Will individual posts be emailed to anyone? If they must sign up to access this content, it’s no different than FB and you might as well start a blog or use email.

  3. +Becky Watkins I think Circles are Google’s way of replacing feeds and Google+ is Google’s way of replacing Google Reader and +Mike Elgan is Google’s new style of « blogger ».  You no longer « subscribe » to someone’s writing.  You « circle » them.  Like Facebook, Google is trying to create their own sub-internet where all the data is accessible to themselves.

  4. Tom Long Becky Watkins Circles are the equivalence of groups on Facebook. They allow you to « Filter » group by group content should you wish to do so. – Or allow you to view them all at once.

    Not only that it allows you post certain content with more relevant groups  Like Family or work for example 🙂 

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